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Temento’s stocks a variety of paints for your boat.  We have top side enamels, and epoxies. Antifouling bottom paints.  Our best selling Duralux marine enamel is easy to apply.  It’s unique properties allow you to apply it using a brush, roller or it can be sprayed.  Dries rock hard and will last for years.  It is very competitively priced.  Don’t let the price fool you.  You do not need to buy $100+ a gallon paint to have a nice paint job.  We have been selling this product for over 20 years and our customers have painted 100’s of boats. We also sell Marine paints for Aluminum.  Do you have a door on your house that gets direct sun and you can’t keep paint on it? Paint it with Duralux Marine paint. It will last for years.
NOTE: Computers show colors differently. For a true color guide contact us 504-347-5402  All Camouflage colors are flat, all others are gloss.