Completely new design, the new RIFFE Euro Travel Series spearguns were designed for all levels of divers. Manufactured by RIFFE with the new MAG-TRACK (patent pending), a magnetic track for ease of loading and free-shafting. The low-profile stocks are made with 5 vertical laminated teak strips and bolted front muzzle for added strength. All models come standard with threaded stainless steel inserts for reel installation.


Our new uniquely designed Euro Traveler speargun and spearshaft breaks down for travel in mind. Each section of the speargun has a matching rod and sleeve assembly which inserted using Epoxy and machined with a close tolerance fit to eliminate any unwanted movement. The support plate and stainless steel threaded inserts (10-24 SS Screws) holds the sections together to ensure a close fit. The 9/32″ (7.1mm) spearshaft has been threaded and taped so that both ends make up the spearshaft length needed to fit each model.

Hawaiian or Tahitian flopper shaft is standard when ordering. Threaded shafts are available upon request. Spearheads sold separately.