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The ASSO Pneumatic guns are proven performers.  These guns are commonly used in the Inland Lakes and bays of South Louisiana.  Inch for inch these guns pack a lot more punch than a conventional band powered gun.  Suiting them perfectly for Louisianas short inland visibilty and huge fish.  To summarize. You need a gun strong enough to take out a 50Lb Catfish or 100Lb Garfish but the vis is too short to carry a long gun.  A Pneumatic fits the bill perfectly.


So your wondering why does’nt everyone use these offshore? And the answer is, some do.  These are devestating for Mangrove Snapper and Sheepshead at the oil rigs, however the Pneumatic gun design looses power as you descend. Making them less desirable for our big reef fish’  These guns are most effectivly used at 100 ft of water or less.


Tank Material: Aluminum alloy cylinder with a 40 mm diameter.


Light alloy muzzle with increased holes to optimize the discharge of water.


Ergonomic handle and functional form. Made in one material.


Barrel diameter is 13 mm allowing the use of up to an 8 mm spear.


Available in a wide range of sizes from 30 cm to 135 cm.


Comes with: steel spear, loader, two winged tip, Dyneema line.


Optional: Asso 30 holster


Optional Stainless Steel Spears available


Our #1 sellers are the 40 and 50cm guns

Model                  Gun Length(Inches)     Shaft Length (Inches) 

30Asso                      11.82                                 20.61

40Asso                      27,19                                14.70

50 Asso                     21.87                                20.61

65 Asso                     27.87                                26.52

75Asso                      31.13                                 30.46